Gateway Conference

Gateway Network Partners

Three categories of connection – Friends / Gateway Network Partners / Multi-site Family 

 As CLC has gone along its journey, we’ve found more and more churches and ministries resonating with what we are doing and asking how they can become more connected with us.  We have identified three categories of connection.

 Friends – This is for those that love what God’s doing through the ministry of CLC, attend our conferences and stay in the loop about what’s on through following us via our social media platforms and/or by joining our mailing list.  We enjoy one another’s company and speak well of one another.

 Gateway Network Partners – Some want more than friendship and are looking for some more intentional input, association and active collaboration.  As a Gateway Network Partner, we work together in such a way that we can each grow stronger, go further and have a greater impact.

 Multi-site Family – This category is for churches and ministries that want to align with our mission, vision and values and come under the apostolic governance and financial umbrella of CLC.  We are One Church based at many locations.

If your church or ministry is interested in becoming a Friend, Gateway Network Partner or joining our Multi-site Family, please contact our lead pastor, Daniel Harman via